ZKSwap is unveiling the 2.0 version testnet at 3:00 UTC on June 23rd, 2021, which highlights the Unlimited Token Listing feature. ZKSwap charges no fees for token listing. …

Hi, swappers!

The ZKSwap V3 features are being developed as planned. We made an upgrade to the new Explorer’s user interface and started to focus on the front-end development. As the V3 teaser campaign came to an end, we disclosed the winner list and will send the rewards to winners by the end of this week. If you have any queries, please contact ZKSwap admins in the Telegram group for help.

Dear Swappers:

Prior to the ZKSwap V3 launch, we held a warm-up campaign on Forum that offers a total of 15,000 ZKS rewards to eligible participants. Today, we are so excited to reveal the winner list of the campaign.

The campaign ran from September 17, 2021, and ended on October…

Hi, swappers!

The ZKSwap team is working hard on developing V3 features this week and continues gathering information on the V3-themed teaser campaign winners. We have completed the sixth token burn scheme of ZKS on October 11, 2021, with a total of 23,545 ZKS burnt in September. While we are building a better product, the ZKSwap community is growing stronger. As of October 15, our Twitter followers have reached 32.8K and Telegram members surpassed 54.6K.

Hi Swappers,

Layer2 DEX protocol ZKSwap (ZKS) has completed the sixth token burn scheme on October 11, 2021 UTC+8, with a total of 23,545 ZKS burnt in September.

According to the ZKSwap economic whitepaper, ZKSwap charges 0.3% of all Layer2 Swap transactions as the transaction fee, of which 0.05% will…

ZKSwap Weekly Keywords

  • ZKSwap V2 iOS version is available on App Store (Download Now).
  • ZKSwap V3 interface is completed.
  • The reward-giving ZKSwap V3 & NFT-centered teaser campaign goes on.

Hey! Great News here,

ZKSwap V2 mobile App is available for iOS devices now on App Store (Not available for users from China and USA)

Download Now and enjoy seamless decentralized trading anywhere, anytime!

ZKSwap is a layer2 dex based on the ZK-Rollup technology and using the AMM model. And You can find us here🥰:

ZKSwap Official Website: https://zks.org/en

ZKSwap APP: https://zkswap.app

ZKSwap Forum:https://forum.zks.org

ZKSwap Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZKSwapOfficial

ZKSwap Official Telegram group: https://t.me/zkswapofficial

ZKSwap Discord: https://discord.gg/Y2thTgmqdJ

ZKSwap Medium: https://zkswapofficial.medium.com

ZKSwap Github page: https://github.com/l2labs

ZKSwap Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZKSwap_Official

ZKSwap Weekly Keywords

  • ZKS has been listed on crypto exchange BitMart;
  • ZKSwap V2 TVL reaches $100 million, with a liquidity of more than $40 million;
  • ZKSwap cancels fee restrictions on transfers, withdrawals, and removing liquidity on V1;
  • ZKSwap conducted three AMAs in partnership with the BitKeep wallet and the BitMart exchange;
  • ZKSwap unveils the teaser campaign on Forum and Telegram prior to the V3 launch.

In Q3 of 2021, ZKSwap has brought several products to the market. After the launch of the ZKSwap V2 mainnet, we have been working hard to deploy the protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, as the first Layer2 project on the Binance Smart Chain. …


ZKSwap is a ZK-Rollup-based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. Website: https://zks.org

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