ZKSwap is unveiling the 2.0 version testnet at 3:00 UTC on June 23rd, 2021, which highlights the Unlimited Token Listing feature. ZKSwap charges no fees for token listing. To list a new token, however, users need to pay some Gas fee to Ethereum Ropsten miners to create an ERC-20 standard token before adding it to ZKSwap.

Visit ZKSwap V2 Testnet website: https://v2.zkswap.info/en

In the 2.0 version, we also aim to solve problems like slow withdrawals from L2 to L1, poor scalability, etc. by changing the token management strategy and optimizing the circuit as well as the withdrawal procedure.

The V2…

ZKSwap Weekly Keywords

  • ZKSwap V2 iOS version is available on App Store (Download Now).
  • ZKSwap V3 interface is completed.
  • The reward-giving ZKSwap V3 & NFT-centered teaser campaign goes on.

Hey! Great News here,

ZKSwap V2 mobile App is available for iOS devices now on App Store (Not available for users from China and USA)

Download Now and enjoy seamless decentralized trading anywhere, anytime!

ZKSwap is a layer2 dex based on the ZK-Rollup technology and using the AMM model. And You can find us here🥰:

ZKSwap Official Website: https://zks.org/en

ZKSwap APP: https://zkswap.app

ZKSwap Forum:https://forum.zks.org

ZKSwap Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZKSwapOfficial

ZKSwap Official Telegram group: https://t.me/zkswapofficial

ZKSwap Discord: https://discord.gg/Y2thTgmqdJ

ZKSwap Medium: https://zkswapofficial.medium.com

ZKSwap Github page: https://github.com/l2labs

ZKSwap Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZKSwap_Official

ZKSwap Weekly Keywords

  • ZKS has been listed on crypto exchange BitMart;
  • ZKSwap V2 TVL reaches $100 million, with a liquidity of more than $40 million;
  • ZKSwap cancels fee restrictions on transfers, withdrawals, and removing liquidity on V1;
  • ZKSwap conducted three AMAs in partnership with the BitKeep wallet and the BitMart exchange;
  • ZKSwap unveils the teaser campaign on Forum and Telegram prior to the V3 launch.

In Q3 of 2021, ZKSwap has brought several products to the market. After the launch of the ZKSwap V2 mainnet, we have been working hard to deploy the protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, as the first Layer2 project on the Binance Smart Chain. The Layer2 scaling solution can help improve issues like BSC network congestion and can provide users a seamless trading experience with 0 gas fee.

After the successful launch of the ZKSwap V2 protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, we continued to push forward the development of the ZKSwap V3 protocol on Ethereum and support Layer2’s NFT…

Leading Layer2 DEX protocol ZKSwap has removed the minimum fee restrictions on V1 regarding transaction, liquidity removal and withdrawal in coping with low liquidity on the platform. On the ZKSwap V1, the minimum amount to make a transaction and remove a liquidity amount is 50 ZKS or 200 USDT. The platform will also stop charging the 5 USDT fee on asset withdrawals from the Layer2 to the Layer1.

The actions taken aim to encourage users to migrate asset from the the ZKSwap V1 to the ZKSwap V2 before the ZKSwap V1 fully cease to operate. During the period of transactions…

On September 15, leading Layer2 DEX ZKSwap has announced the token listing of ZKSwap’s native token ZKS on cryptocurrency exchange BitMart.

Trading pairs ZKS/USDT and ZKS/USDC will be available and BitMart will start accepting ZKS deposit at 14:00 UTC on September 14th, 2021. The trading is available on the next day at 14:00 UTC on September 15th and users are eligible to withdraw the ZKS token asset in the following day at 14:00 UTC on September 16th.

ZKSwap Weekly Keywords

  • ZKSwap conducted an AMA in the BSC Telegram group, introducing the latest project developments;
  • 10K ZKS rewards are distributed to winners of the ZKSwap on BSC-themed Forum campaign;
  • The plan on how to issue the 1,993 NFTs is confirmed.

On September 9th, 2021, ZKSwap Lead Developer Alex showed up in an AMA session in the BSC community, introducing the latest developments and future plans of ZKSwap to over 10,000 online users.

ZKSwap is the first-ever layer 2 DEX deployed on the BSC mainnet. During the AMA, Alex shared the current features of ZKSwap V2, such as unlimited token listing, faster withdrawal speed, and personalized fee token settings, and elaborated on the partnership with L2 Labs-backed NFT protocol ZKBox, through which users may have great chances to win limited edition NFTs.

For more details, please read the following recap of…

With ZKSwap V2 mainnet online, we have held dozens of community activities on Telegram, Twitter, and Forum, involving thousands upon thousands of users and giving tens of millions of ZKS away. Recently, ZKSwap V2 became the first layer 2 DEX deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). During the BSC deployment-themed Forum campaign from August 20 to September 3, hundreds of users took part and provided their expectations and suggestions for the BSC version of ZKSwap.

While the campaign ended, a total of 20 users were awarded the Best Contribution Award, with each winner receiving 200 ZKS, and a total…


ZKSwap is a ZK-Rollup-based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. Website: https://zks.org

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