Proof-of-Liquidity Mining Upcoming with 9 Million ZKS Rewards

ZKSwap will officially launch the Proof-of-Liquidity mining (PoL) and Proof-of-TransFee (PoT) mining events on March 6 at 18:00 (GMT+8). The first phase of the events will last 14 days with 8 million ZKS mining rewards for PoL and 1 million ZKS for PoT, the total prize pool worth $20+ million.

ZKSwap will launch the first phase of Proof-of-Liquidity mining of 6 trading pairs, including ZKS/ETH, USDC/USDT, ZKS/USDT, ETH/WBTC, ETH/USDT, HBTC/WBTC, and for Proof-of-TransFee(PoT) mining will be USDT/USDC.

A detailed mining tutorial will be released on our official website before the event starts. Additional rewards and trading pairs might be added according to the event status, so stay tuned

ZKSwap is an AMM modeled layer2 dex based on Practical ZK-Rollups — the ZKSpeed protocol.

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ZKSwap is a ZK-Rollup-based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. Website: