ZKSwap Aims to Launch EVM-compatible ZK rollup(ZRU) in 2021 — March 16 Daily Newsletter

March 16

Daily Operational Newsletter from ZKSwap Team

Today’s ZKSwap status: As of 18:00 GMT on March 16, 2021

  • TVL $987 million
  • Liquidity $866 Million
  • Transaction 19755 (24 hrs transactions)

We are glad to let the community know that the first round of 100% ZK-Rollup testing has been successfully completed and we are approaching the full upgrade of 100% ZK-Rollup. This is something we are all looking forward to.

In a recent talk, Vitalik Buterin shared his positive thoughts towards Layer 2 solutions and praised both “optimistic rollup solutions” and ZK rollup. We believe that the future is in EVM-compatible ZK rollup(ZRU) solutions and our team has already made some progress in this regard. An EVM-compatible version will be released this year according to our roadmap.

You can find more about what’s our plan for 2021 here :https://zkswapofficial.medium.com/zkswap-sets-out-roadmap-for-2021-1fb39be999b3

Q&A of the Day

When will the trading incentives end?

PoG is long-term, PoS will depend on which pool you’ve chosen, PoL and PoT will end on March 20th.

I sent some ZKS from my L2 wallet to Huobi, can I get it back?

Do not transfer to an exchange address, you might lose your $ZKS. If you have already transferred to an exchange address, unfortunately, it is beyond our scope of operation at this point. You might need to contact the exchange(e.g Huobi) to seek further advice.

What are the possible scenarios ZKS might be applied?

As the protocol Token of ZKSwap, ZKS represents the holder’s rights and has practical utility value, for instance, ZKS can be used in the following scenarios:


-Vote/Pledge for Listing

-ZKS Buyback and Burn

-Layer-2 Node Plan

What’s the APR for USDC USDT liquidity mining? Where can I get more information about it?

You can check it here: https://zks.app/en/mining/pol/farm.

Is Liquidity mining pairs subject to Impermanent Loss if the market crashes?

Yes, the less volatile the pair the less a chance you are impacted by Impermanent Loss.

ZKSwap is a ZK-Rollup-based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. Website: https://zks.org